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18.05.2012 01:12, Valerie Heath from Australia E-mail :
I've been researching my brother in law's family history. His grandmother was Catherine Isabella Price, daughter of Charles Edward Price and Sarah Jane Ellis. Catherine Isabella Price married David Ross Whyte and had a daughter, Merna Margaret Whyte. She was my brother in law's mother. Merna Margaret Whyte married Albert Vernon Brooksby and they had Peter Ross Brooksby who is my sister's husband. So your website was an absolute jewel to find.
Kind Regards
Valerie Heath

12.11.2011 03:04, Ron Brimblecombe from Adelaide E-mail :
I am William Aylings friend James Brimblecombe's grandson, by 8/9/1939.

19.04.2011 01:33, Mikayla from OZ :
My nanna is Joan Price. Her daughter Andrea, is my mother.

I would of loved to meet my mums nanna (olive forsyth) and grandfather (stanley price). Olive and Stanley are my nanna joan prices parents.

I know the name Helen Perry too. I think that is my mums cousin, so she is probably my second cousin.

I didn't know about the reunion! I would've loved to go!!!

Hope we have another reunion some day...

19.04.2011 01:28, M from Australia :
I am related to this family.
My mum is the daughter of a price named Joan Price.

I would love to learn more about our family history!

11.01.2010 06:49, Emily Haynes from Adealide SA E-mail :
Fantastic collection of our family history, sad I missed the reunion. Look forward to making the next one. I am the Great, Great, Great, Great Granddaughter of Hannah price and James Brimblecombe, through their son Richard.

29.05.2009 03:17, barry hiscox-price from frankston vic aus E-mail :
I am the son of John leslie Hiscox-Price and Jean Dorothy Hiscox-Price [nee King]. I am sad I missed this reunion as I did not know I had so many relatives. Best wishs to all.

22.02.2009 09:54, Rhonda langley from branxholme E-mail :
How fantastic is it to see the effort that has been put into our family history. I got great pleasure seeing the Price Family history from Branxholme. Being a grandaughter of Joseph and Margaret Price , Daughter of Arthur and Doreen Price (sadly now both deceased). Unfortunately I was unable to attend the renunion but will keep informed by the efforts of others. By all accounts it was a great occasion.

22.02.2009 06:30, jo dunstan from James Price E-mail :
I had a fantastic day and met up with my grandfather's niece who I hadn't met before. I too have been tracing family history on the Black side, so now I have contact with Shirley Carter, I may be able to find out a bit more. Thankyou so much for a great day. If a another one is organised, I will definitely be there.

10.02.2009 00:36, Helen Perry (nee Price) from Geelong E-mail :
What a great chance to meet up with relatives for the first time for many years, and some for the first time. It was a great day and sincere thanks must go to the organisers who put in so much time and effort. Just a shame the weather prevented some of the elderly, and people who stayed to mind their properties on a day of such high fire danger, from attending.
Special thanks to Roger and Brenda Dunn, Lynne Price, Peter Price and others on the committee who put it so much time and effort to make the reunion such a successful day for all of us to enjoy.

08.02.2009 12:56, Paul Henderson from Bendigo E-mail :
Colin Price enjoyed the weekend immensly. He and his son (also Colin) are the last remaining descendants of John & Euphemia - John was the son William Price/Caroline Condon.

It was a great weekend, thankyou.

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Entries: 13
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